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Additional Substance Abuse Services

DUI / Deferred Prosecution

Our agency is licensed and certified to offer specialized programs to address issues related to DUI’s and other legal issues dealing with chemical dependency.  We have customized programs to ensure compliance with Washington State requirements or other state program requirements.

Substance Abuse Program

Specialty program designed for those individuals who are diagnosed as substance abuse (not assessed as having progressed to the level of chemically dependent, but needing to identify and address their use patterns, and needing education about addiction); includes education, group process sessions, individual counseling sessions and structured assignments.

Urinalysis Testing

Random testing is offered to current patients as well as employer/professional testing.  We offer a variety of testing options at affordable pricing. Alcohol/Drug Screens (urinalysis) are available for patients, employers, and monitoring bodies (Airlines, WPHP, Nursing Board)

Alcohol/Drug Information School

Education class designed to increase effective decision making skills regarding the use of alcohol/drugs.

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Inpatient Program

  • Inpatient/Residential Program Convenient Locations for Seattle and Tacoma

    Path to Recovery

    Begin your recovery journey to wellness through our inpatient/residential program. Call today.


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