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Family Counseling for Recovery

Family Services

Families are an integral part to recovery. Families are encouraged to participate in the treatment process by attending our family program, education classes and therapy sessions to help them better understand chemical dependency, improve communication, and facilitate continued personal growth and development.

Intervention Counseling

To help families determine if intervention services are appropriate for their loved one. Please see our intervention section for more information.

Couples Counseling

As with our family program offerings, patients sometimes have issues with their partner in recovery.  We are here to help.  Sessions will focus on the issues (helping the partner seek resources for their own education of the disease, support for them, etc.) and to determine if outside assistance from a specialist may be necessary (such as a marriage counselor).


Inpatient Program

  • Inpatient/Residential Program Convenient Locations for Seattle and Tacoma

    Path to Recovery

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