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Testimonials and Experiences

Testimonials from alumni, identity is omitted to protect privacy.


Residential Testimonies

“Besides addiction education, Olalla imparts enthusiasm to help one to prepare for upcoming life changes. The staff helps us to feel human again. I thank Olalla”

“I thought this was going to be a sub-par establishment because it is the cheapest inpatient around. I couldn't have been more wrong. This place was EXELLENT. I couldn't have been more impressed with every member of the staff, the quality of the food, and the overall conditions of the dorms. Especially Acupuncture and Dr. Corpolongo, but all the other classes were extremely helpful as well. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience!”

“My counselor saved my life and this facility gave me my spirit, home and strength back. I appreciate this facility and what they have given me.”

“The support staff and counselors are the greatest ever! I love Olalla! It is the greatest treatment center ever! I will be doing everything in my power to get my 20 year old son into this community! I was given the greatest tools & a new way of living & am forever thankful to Olalla!”

Olalla has provided a very caring and supportive environment which I benefited from. Because of all the love and caring here, I have grown hugely as a person, both mentally and spiritually.”
  • “I am just plain old proud to have been a part of the amazing job you all do here. I have so much respect for every one of you and the gift you give. I will my best to honor you by staying clean and paying it forward. Thank you so much for believing in us and your hard work. We need you”


  • “I just want to thank Olalla for an experience of a lifetime to start my new life. I enjoyed this community and the counselors that helped me through recovery. I especially want to thank my counselor LOIS who taught me so much about me and how to deal with certain situations. She’s so awesome. She guided me in my recovery and I could never thank her enough. She’s a gift to me through my Higher Power just like Olalla was a gift from my Higher Power. Thank you.”


  • “I think you have an excellent program here. I have been to several other programs across the country and you are as good as any I have been to.”


  • “You have given me the tools to save my life and the life of my son.”


  • “I love the staff here! I would strongly recommend this facility for anyone battling their addiction whatever they may be. This has been a VERY positive memorable experience for me!”


  • “Olalla has taught me how to be honest with myself and those around me. I felt welcome and comfortable at this facility. The lectures, group meetings, lectures and AA meetings were very educational. From what I learned here I was able to structure an effective recovery plan. My counselor was a very respectful and helpful individual. He aided me in finding my sober living and outpatient rehab. Thank you for all the help and education. I feel I am confident enough to carry out my recovery plan and stay sober.”


  • “Olalla provides a positive & nurturing environment with a very caring and informed staff. I have been able to search out, with the help of individuals here, the areas I need to work on in order to move forward into a solid recovery. My counselor was especially effective and instrumental in putting together a treatment plan that really helped me with “stuck areas”. Also her style of running group is awesome. Her ability to listen & give insightful feed back, the “out of the box” lessons, her overall involvement and caring- Just what I needed. There is a good “feeling” or “spirit” at Olalla. For me it’s been my favorite treatment facility. I will recommend it.”
Overall it was a great experience. Olalla literally is going to be the precursor to me saving my life.”
  • “You guys are awesome. Anyone who makes it here to Olalla is very lucky.”


  • “All of the staff and counselors here were so wonderful and nice. I could come to any of them with my problems and they always gave me great advice. I totally loved all the classes and meals and I especially loved the smudging ceremonies.”


  • “I loved everything about Olalla. This place helped me find who I really am. Spiritually it has helped me and mentally. This place has taught me how to live a sober life and the tools on how to live a sober. So, I cannot thank Olalla enough.”


  • “The spirituality aspect of Olalla is very effective. I liked that you offered both church services as well as Native American smudging. Opened up my spirit, helped me grow my spirit, which I think will be a key part in my recovery.”


Outpatient Testimonies


  • “I think being very personable and respectful “I’ve been there” type attitude was helpful- being involved with our points of view was especially uplifting- like my views mattered.”


  • “Karen is a gifted counselor & role model. She is an inspiration to me & my sobriety. She has a tough job some days. I give her a lot of credit for dealing with us….”


  • “My counselor was very helpful with explaining the nature of the disease. They gave me a better understand my problems. I was given tools to help me stay sober.”


  • “GHC has been especially good at giving individual attention in a group setting. Anyone carrying baggage is encouraged in a positive manner to lay their problem out, without fear of judgment or repercussion. It’s a very open/honest environment that is being cultivated.”


  • “Got to know my personality and worked good with me. Loved it!”
I am especially grateful I was able to attend either day or evening group to accommodate my work schedule. Thank you! You all were very helpful in showing me the way to make the changes I need to make. Forever grateful.``
  • “They have been very open and understanding of my issues. They have had answers for all my questions along with great feedback. The worksheets & homework opened up new doors and a better understanding of all of my own internal issues. I also appreciate the level of personal involvement with the counselors.”


  • “Worked well with me, to help me meet my obligations & appointments with others. They really care about people and are devoted to the sobriety of patients. They show a sincere concern toward the personal & mental stability of recovering alcoholics & other forms of addictive behaviors. Thank you!”


  • “Everyone is awesome. Great program!”


  • “Group counseling helped me the most. The feeling of compassion and understanding made it possible to open up about my problems and ask for help and suggestions on how to create an open line of communication with my family… Thank you so much!”


  • “I thought Carol and Karen both do an excellent job and really care about their clients. Carol helped guide me through the transition of just out of “rehab” to getting back into society. My outpatient went very quickly and smoothly, almost too fast. I enjoyed coming here and it was another help, along with AA to rejoin society and feel “normal.” I have and will recommend Gig Harbor Counseling and Olalla to others in need.”


  • “No need to change anything. Greatly improved & guiding through my trouble times. With my sponsor my growth & potential grows daily. Love this group & not anxious to leave.”


  • “Pinpoints exactly what the problem is related to addiction or otherwise, and guides you, step by step towards healthy choices in friends, diet, exercise, ways to fight depression and anxiety.”


  • “The counselors care – that makes a difference.”


  • “They really care about how they run things and care about how their patients are doing financially, personally and lifestyle. They really take the time to meet and talk with all the patients not just the one’s they are helping. Made me feel happy and welcome.”


  • “This program is well put together and is designed to build steadily upon itself. They take you through in a progression so that what you’ve done and learned can be used as a basis to further your recovery. It is truly a program as opposed to simply a curriculum. The encouragement and positive direction are constant. They are more than flexible and willing to accommodate unforeseen circumstances that may/do arise. They will seek ways to get things done. Great Program!”


  • “You could tell that Karen cared about her job and the people that she counseled. This makes a difference.”


E-Mail Updates


Ongoing contact through e-mail messages.


  • “To the staff at Olalla, I would like to thank all for the enjoyable experience I had while at Olalla. You all have contributed to the well being of my family and myself. Keep doing what you are doing, I believe it works.”
I just wanted to say thank you for your emails... we always take inspiration away from them! Update... he is attending outpatient services and continues to amaze me and the family with his progress! Thank you all again for all you have done to support our family!!!”
  • “To the Olalla family, thank you for all the words of encouragement and things to think about! I am having my 1st Birthday April 1st…kind of ironic this will be the first April Fools day in my 44 years of life I have not been a drunken, high fool! I have been working my program daily…and I will always be grateful for the time I spent at Olalla…the opportunity to clear my head and seek God has given me the strength to see my life clearly and it truly is a WONDERFUL life. So all I can say is thank you.”


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