NOTICE: We are sad to say that due to COVID-19 we have to cancel the reunion picnic this summer. It will be missed as we all have such a great time. Rest assured, next years event will (hopefully) take place! GO HERE TO SEE THE LATEST COVID-19 UPDATE.
Despite the recent federal ban on the sale of tobacco products to anyone under age 21, media reports show that hasn’t stopped teens from vaping. And while the FDA has also banned many flavored electronic cigarettes, youth are finding ways to exploit a loophole that still allows flavored disposable products.…
New research published early this year showed that alcohol abuse has reached an epidemic level in the United States. Nearly 1 million Americans age 16 and up have died in less than a decade due to alcohol — surpassing drug overdoses by almost 300,000. This trend is concerning by itself,…
Storytelling has a strong impact in many areas of everyday life, and recovery is no exception. Sharing someone’s story in a safe environment can have a powerful effect — not only on the person who’s share but also on those who are listening.
Substance Misuse vs. Addiction — What’s the Difference? Substance misuse is not the same as addiction, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t cause concern. While an individual who misuses drugs or alcohol doesn’t require — or qualify for — the same level of treatment as an individual diagnosed with substance…
Entering treatment is a big decision. Your in-patient recovery may challenge you physically, emotionally and spiritually. To help you prepare for what to expect from your daily routine at Olalla Guest Lodge, we put together a short list with some basics.
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