With Affordable Care Act in Peril, Time for Treatment is Now

With Affordable Care Act in Peril, Time for Treatment is Now

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, access to substance abuse treatment was extended to countless individuals who could not previously afford it. But the new political climate has created uncertainty about the future of healthcare benefits.

If you’ve been thinking about getting clean and sober, we urge you to act now. Acknowledging that you have a problem — and wanting to do something about it — is a major first step.

But we know that each barrier you encounter can chip away at your determination. Don’t let treatment costs become that barrier.

Prior to the ACA, coverage for addiction treatment was inconsistent from one insurance company to the next. It wasn’t uncommon for insurance carriers to deny coverage for addiction treatment altogether, or create barriers to accessing care. High insurance deductibles and co-pays also hinder access to care.

The ACA not only made addiction treatment a required component and prohibited a pre-existing conditions clause, but also expanded the treatment options. The plans under the ACA cover expenses such as addiction evaluation, counseling and treatment medications, and help pay for inpatient services such as detox.

Changing the healthcare law and implementing changes will take months and maybe even a few years for the new administration. However, it’s important not to wait. Should the benefits be modified, it would also likely create last-minute high demand for addiction treatment services — and then it may be too late.

At Olalla Recovery Centers, we work hard to keep treatment affordable. We have agreements with a long list of insurance companies, in addition to offering some in-house financing and working with your friends, family and co-workers to help you raise funds.

All you have to do is give us a call. Our staff will walk you through the process, explain the options, and help you begin your journey. If you’ve been putting off this decision, there’s absolutely no reason to wait.

You are not alone. We’ve been there for so many others in your shoes. Take the next step today.