The new CPR: making your mental health a priority

Mental Health First Aid | The New CPR

Mental Health First Aid | The New CPR

Did you know that you can take a first aid class focused solely on mental health? Meet, Mental Health First Aid – the new CPR.

In these times of social isolation, mental soundness is more critical than ever, but many individuals find it difficult to cope. That’s where Mental Health First Aid steps in.

What is Mental First Aid?

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a training program that delivers the skills needed to help distressed individuals while breaking down stigmas and negative perspectives associated with mental illness. MHFA originated in Australia from peer-reviewed, research-based evidence. Many countries have adopted this training model, including the United States.

Why We Should all be Trained

In addition to recognizing the signs of common problems like depression, anxiety, and trauma – you’ll learn how to appropriately engage, connect, and develop a crisis intervention plan for those struggling with a mental health emergency.

The international Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) program has trained more than 2 million mental health first aiders across the United States. Including professionals in public safety, education, and more. 

Training is both affordable and available for individuals, groups, and employers. You can feel confident in offering this program to employees or taking this program as an individual or small group.  

How to Become Trained
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Classes are held in-person and virtually.

At Olalla Recovery Centers, all staff has received mental health first aid training. We highly encourage you to consider this program at your workplace, small group, or individually.

Special courses for parents and those who work with youth and teens are also available.


Find a Class

For more information, visit Mental Health First Aid USA website.

Get Help Now
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