Mindful Practices for Sober Living

Mindful Practices for Sober Living

Build routine and purpose into your sobriety.

Mindfulness can take many forms but can be very helpful to adopt into your daily life to step up your recovery journey. We encourage trying many different things and finding what works best for you as everybody’s journey looks different. 

Mindfulness is defined as focusing on one’s awareness of the present moment while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings and thoughts.

Mindful practices to get you started.

Here are a few ideas to add mindful practices to your life that will hopefully spark inspiration for where to implement mindfulness in your life!

  • Creative Outlet: Use creativity to express yourself! There are many community events in the creative realm. No matter your experience level there are opportunities, from painting to pottery making or even cooking classes. Your choices are endless.
  • Meditation: Meditation causes many people to feel grounded, relaxed and very connected to the world. Removing all the thoughts and distractions from your mind for a little while can help you to think clearly.
  • Get Outside: Using nature as therapy is another popular activity. There are many ways to get involved including hiking or walking, either solo or in groups, spending time on the water, taking your dog to the dog park or simply going out for a picnic in the park.
  • Exercise: People can choose to be mindful and connect with themselves through exercise. You can simply get on schedule of walking with your dog. Or try out a few gyms near you, sign up and train for a race in the area, or join an exercise group to meet new people. There are many options that you can try out including lots of free trials offered at gyms in order to figure out what might work the best for you!

Practicing mindfulness looks different for every person but can be very helpful in creating routine and purpose in your recovery journey. It is just a matter of trying a few things out and seeing where you feel the most connected.

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