Think holistically — focus on body, mind and soul

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” — Hippocrates

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Recovery from any disease requires a holistic approach, and substance-addiction recovery is no different. You need to work on the whole you, not just your body — without a healthy and strong mind and soul, physical healing will be challenging.

Olalla Recovery Centers’ in-patient rehabilitation program helps you get on the right path by offering holistic programs such as yoga, meditation and acupuncture. But recovery is a lifelong process and you need to continue taking care of your whole health after discharge.

Staying sober — and making the most out of summer

staying sober

After record-breaking rains, I’m happy that summer is finally here. We are blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful scenery in our neck of the woods — and all the fantastic recreational activities that come with that.

For many, school is out and this is the best time to enjoy activities with the family and spend time outside. But if you’re in recovery, this may be a challenging time because the longer days may remind you of that phase in your life when having a good time was synonymous with drinking or using drugs.

Is the Opioid Epidemic Affecting You or a Loved One? Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late

help for opioid addiction

Opioid overdose killed almost as many people in the United States in 2015 as car crashes did. Misuse and addiction to opioids has become a national public-health crisis. Every day, 91 Americans die from an opioid overdose, including heroin and prescription opioids.

Opioid addiction can affect anyone, at any age. Even people who have legitimate prescriptions for serious health conditions.


Treatment Remains Accessible Despite Turmoil over ACA

aca turmoil treatment options

The uncertainty continues over the fate of the Affordable Care Act and for individuals struggling with substance abuse, it’s important to act now to get treatment.

But it’s also important for you to know that regardless of the future of the health insurance benefits, we are here to work with you wherever you’re at, insurance coverage or not.


Time for the reset button? Who’s by your side?

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” -Henry David Thoreau

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As we celebrate mothers, fathers and new graduates this time of year, we are also celebrating the importance of families. We may not always see eye to eye with our family members, but we know we can count on them during the pivotal points in our lives.

Are you ready to do something new and different? Whatever dreams and aspirations you have in life, they’re easier to conquer with the encouragement and support from your family.

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