Treatment Costs

Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment

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Treatment Cost Affordability

Olalla’s Treatment Services, whether inpatient residential or outpatient services, are exceptionally high-quality, affordably priced so we can offer treatment to as many individuals as possible.  We have worked hard to keep our programs affordable to continue fulfilling our mission – offering quality substance use disorder services to those in need.

Residential/Inpatient Services

Olalla Guest Lodge – Pricing for our residential program varies based on length of stay.  We are a participating provider with most insurance to help pay for your treatment with Olalla. We have kept our program costs affordable by design, while still maintaining high quality treatment services.  Your minimum length of stay will be discussed with the Admissions Specialists during your pre-admission interview and then reviewed with your counselor in development of your treatment plan.  Length of stay is determined on your individual needs, plus any additional treatment requirements (such as legal, employer, referent requests, etc.).  We have some patients who are here for a few weeks all the way up to 90-days.  Each patient is assessed and their treatment plan designed specifically for them to help launch them on a successful path to recovery.

Withdrawal Management (Sub-Acute Detoxification)

Olalla Recovery Centers offers Sub-Acute Withdrawal Management (Detoxification) services at our residential location, Olalla Guest Lodge.  Patients needing withdrawal management will be screened by the Admissions Specialists and coordinated with our Medical Director and Clinical Team. If the patient is appropriate for our Sub-Acute Withdrawal Management Program, staff will coordinate with the patient and family regarding admission into withdrawal management at Olalla Guest Lodge.

Some patients may need medical withdrawal management services before coming to Olalla (typically those who are withdrawing from Alcohol or Benzodiazpines).  Admissions staff will help the patient and/or family coordinate the withdrawal management stay to make sure the transition from withdrawal management to Olalla is door-to-door.

Outpatient Services

Gig Harbor Couseling – Pricing for outpatient services are based on the patient’s treatment plan.  We offer variable program lengths based on patient needs, as well as addressing any legal or employer issues requiring attention.  Some legal or employer programs have mandated treatment requirements, including treatment length.

Ancillary Charges

Additional charges may be incurred for physician visits, prescriptions, urinalysis testing, etc.

Both locations are covered by most insurance carriers, with some in-house financing available.  We also accept VISA and MasterCard

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