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You’re stronger than you think. Use the power of your resilience.

In recovery, you know the importance of building resilience. It’s what helps you adapt to and overcome major sources of stress, such as adversity, tragedy and trauma. Through this process, your body, mind and spirit become stronger, helping you to bounce back.

COVID-19 has tested our resilience in ways many of us never expected. There’s still likely a long road ahead to more normal times, but in the meantime, you can use this experience to build your resilience further.

What you’ve been witnessing over the last few months wasn’t just an incredible moment in history. You’ve also witnessed your own growth and resolve.

Resilience is like a muscle, and building resilience is a lifelong process. No matter how well you learn to cope and overcome adversity, you’re constantly adjusting your approach and fine-tuning your tools.

Use the pandemic to learn from it — how you coped, what worked well, what you need to work on. And keep exercising the resilience muscle. That’s the only way forward.

Asking for help shows strength, not weakness.

Walking the recovery journey alone is tough in the best of times. And when the world is upside down, you need your loved ones’ support more than ever.

Everyone is stressed, for sure. But don’t think of yourself as another burden in the middle of an already strained situation. This is not the time for you to minimize your recovery needs and isolate yourself emotionally.

Recovery takes courage, and courage means asking for help when you need it. Acknowledge that many people are having a hard time right now — but don’t let that stop you from reaching out.

Your family and friends don’t help you because it’s convenient for them. They do it because they care. The pandemic hasn’t changed that — even if they, too, are struggling now more than before.

Be honest. Be humble. Put aside your pride. Asking and accepting help only shows that you want to stay on track and succeed.

Set yourself up for a fresh start — and a happier, healthier 2021.

Did 2020 leave you unhinged or did you find renewed purpose? As this historic year moves into the rear-view mirror, are you setting yourself up for a fresh start?

It’s hard to focus on the good when you’re filled with anxiety and uncertainty. But even bad times can be a gift — it’s a matter of perspective.

Being forced out of your routines and having your life changed without your permission is a rare occurrence. Why not take the new view on life that this past year gave you, and make it work to your advantage?

This is an opportune moment to:

  • Reexamine your priorities and your goals.
  • Feel good about the resiliency you’ve built during an incredibly tough year.
  • Set yourself up for a happier, healthier, more productive 2021.

You don’t have any control over when the pandemic ends and normalcy returns. But you can choose how you reemerge — calm, strong and on track to achieve your recovery goals.


Celebrate the holidays with love, resolve.

Christmas and other winter holidays will look different this year. The loneliness and stress many people experience during a regular holiday season will likely be magnified.

To get through the holidays, go back to basics. Think about the true meaning of the season — and don’t worry about the rest.

Our culture inspires a race toward more during this time of the year — more gifts, more gatherings, more consumerism. Instead, refocus your energy on expressing love for your family and friends in other meaningful ways.

Why not start new traditions this year? Some ideas to get you inspired:

The best way to get through the holidays is to make it as uncomplicated as possible. There’s plenty to be overwhelmed about already — don’t add the holiday season to that list.

  • Gather virtually and share a meal while you chat on video. This means loved ones across the country and even across the world can be part of the festivities. Buy matching PJs, share photo collages, make an ornament together, swap pie recipes — the possibilities are endless.
  • Bake together while apart. High school home-ec teachers are instructing students via Zoom and watching each student cook or bake at home— why not adapt their idea? Plan the recipe ahead of time so you have the ingredients on hand, schedule a videoconference, bring your phone or another mobile device into the kitchen, and you’ve got a socially distanced baking party. Don’t forget the tasting at the end.
  • Fill a gratitude jar every day until your family virtual gathering, and then share your writings with each other.

Wishing you joy and love!


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“Barn’s burnt down — now I can see the moon.” — Misuta Masahide (17 century Japanese poet)

Did 2020 challenge your beliefs, priorities, habits, strengths — and more? Recovery from the COVID-19 impacts may still be a long way away, but what you can do now is start 2021 with fresh hope and determination. That’s part of being resilient.

Building resilience is a crucial part of the recovery journey. By becoming more resilient, you empower yourself to bounce back next time life throws the unexpected at you. (more…)

Give yourself the gift of inner peace.

Whatever culture or tradition you come from, universal wisdom says that inner peace and joy come only from looking inward.

These are comforting words when the world around you is in chaos. But finding—and keeping—peace within yourself is not always easy.

The simplest way to start is through meditation. It’s nothing more than creating mental silence and bringing yourself into the present moment. The type of meditation you do doesn’t matter—even a simple mantra is effective.

One you quiet the noise in your mind, you can:

  • “See” in between your thoughts and “open your eyes” inside your mind.
  • Start understanding why you feel stressed, unhappy, anxious.
  • Declutter your thoughts and let go of superficial worries and pain.

Inner peace is about reaching contentment and happiness by reconnecting with yourself. And that’s what will keep you grounded when the world is spinning.


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