Opiate Addiction & Sub-Acute Withdrawal Management (Detox) Services

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Opiate Addiction & Sub-Acute Safe Withdrawal Programs

The residential/inpatient and outpatient programs accept patients on opiate substitution protocols, such as Suboxone® and Vivitrol® and work with area providers and facilities to help stabilize patients prior to and after receiving services.

Our residential program, Olalla Guest Lodge, offers safe withdrawal from substances in preparation for full engagement into treatment services. Patients are monitored under the close supervision of qualified staff in a comfortable setting during the withdrawal process. Patient care and safety are our number one priority. We are not a medical withdrawal management program - should patients need a full-scale medical withdrawal program, our Admissions Team can assist with referrals and coordination of services.  Our withdrawal management program is designed as an ambulatory withdrawal program (often referred to as "social detox").

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