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Family Program For Guest Lodge Patients

Olalla Guest Lodge – Olalla Recovery Centers

Saturday Family Program at Olalla

Our Inpatient Program at Olalla Guest Lodge encourages support person(s) participation in the Family Education Program. Your involvement is considered an important part of the patient’s treatment program, subsequent recovery, and to enhance the rehabilitation of the family unit. The program helps family members, friends, and co-workers learn about the nature and causes of substance use disorders and about the steps that can be taken by both patients and supportive family/friends to live free of substance addiction. Your participation is designed to help you in the recovery process ahead.  Our family program facilitator is also available by appointment to meet individually with patients and their family supports to discuss family dynamics and relationship issues, developing a family treatment plan designed to deliver a successful recovery for everyone involved.

The Family Program consists of skill-modules covering:

Substance Use Disorders and the Family System
How Family Recovery Works

Each educational module presents information pertaining to individual and family recovery, with emphasis on the family dynamics accompanying substance use disorders.  A variety of handouts, media, socio-drama, and interactive discussion comprise the makeup of each session.

Attention Guests – to attend the Family Program, Pre-Registration is required

Once registered to attend the Family Program, guests are reminded of the following:

Please be aware we do not allow the following on our campus while attending the family program or during any visiting: Cell Phones, Cameras, Purses/Bags, Food, Beverages, Candy, Gum or Pets.  For the safety of all patients and staff, all family program guests are expected to adhere to all ORC rules.

Do not bring items for patients to the Family Program.  Only pre-approved items may be brought on the Family Program Day as this is not an approved item drop-off day. If approved to bring items for a patient, please note that ALL items for a patient must be presented to a staff member. Please put items in a bag with the patient first name and initial of the last name clearly marked (for example, John D.)

On the day of programming, all outside support persons will need to register with staff.  We request all who attend sign in at the main office. Family Program participants must be adults.  Family Program scheduling may change due to holidays.

Patient Pay-Phones (phones are turned on between activities only)
253-857-6241 or 253-857-3062 [Men]
253-858-3259 [Women]

Patient Mail
Address mail to your patient using the following:
Patient Name
c/o Olalla Recovery Centers
12850 SE Lala Cove Lane
Olalla, WA 98359

GET HELP TODAY  1-800-882-6201

Call 988 for Suicide and Crisis Helpline



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