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Your Stay At Olalla Guest Lodge

Preparing For Your Residential Treatment


Your Stay

What to Bring for Inpatient Treatment at Olalla Guest Lodge


  • One week supply of casual clothes [conservative clothing, no skin-tight articles of clothing, no short shorts (shorts must be knee-length), no tank tops, no spaghetti-strap tops, no crop tops (belly cannot show – even when reaching above head), no revealing clothing, nor any clothing that glamorizes drugs, alcohol or gang activity].
  • Walking shoes for the fitness trail, volleyball, etc.
  • Warm-ups for yoga class, plus a yoga mat [again – no crop tops or tank tops – t-shirts are best for yoga and exercise].
  • Pajamas, bathrobe, slippers and shower thongs
  • Raincoat and/or umbrella
  • Personal care items [shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, soap, personal hygiene items such as pads, tampons, manual razors (not electronic), etc.] – all products must be alcohol free and non-aerosol
  • Coins for patient telephones, plus approximately $20 spending money for snacks/drinks in the vending machines
  • Laundry detergent (preferably liquid as we are on a septic system) [Washer/Dryer and Ironing facility available for complimentary use]
  • Bath towels, hand towels, washcloth
  • Letter writing supplies, notebook, pens/pencils, stamps
  • Alarm clock (wind-up or battery operated only)
  • Any over the counter medications must be in original SEALED containers (Limit of one over the counter pain reliever and one vitamin/supplement).
  • Prescribed medications: please bring a 28-day (minimum) supply, and all medications must have a valid prescription (including inhalers) – Arrange for refills prior to arrival with your doctor.
  • Vitamins / Supplements (Limit of 1 vitamin/supplement) – in original SEALED container
  • Insurance Card
  • Picture Identification (Driver’s License, State Issued ID Card)

What NOT to Bring for Inpatient Treatment at Olalla Guest Lodge

  • Do not bring any bedding (pillows, blankets, etc.), no stuffed animals
  • Do not bring food, snacks, candy, gum, coffee, tea
  • No electronics
  • Do not bring valuables
  • Do not bring any of the following: television, cell phone, camera, laptop, radio, beeper/pager, sports equipment (except ankle/wrist weights), valuables, games or playing cards.
  • No listening devices (iPods, MP3 players, disc players, tape recorders).
  • Do not bring items containing alcohol (mouthwash, hair products, etc.)
  • Do not bring any aerosol products.
  • Do not bring any e-cigarette or vape-pen devices All tobacco products (cigarettes) must be in original SEALED containers on arrival
  • No gum nicotine replacement therapy products
  • Do not bring any chewing tobacco or tobacco pouches


Olalla Recovery Centers cannot be responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items

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