Outpatient Drug Rehab for Seattle, WA

Outpatient and Adolescent Treatment Serving Des Moines, Tacoma, Kent and Surrounding Areas


Available Programs:

Available both day and evening.

Individual Counseling

Patients meet routinely with their primary counselor to identify barriers to recovery, develop specific treatment plans, relapse issues, sober support guidance, etc. – all to help the patient maintain sobriety as they continue to face day-to-day life challenges while in treatment.

Alcohol/Drug Assessments

Comprehensive Assessments are conducted at both locations.  We assess each patient to determine their progression with the disease and to determine the appropriate level of care for the patient.  Once assessed, the patient and clinical team develop an individual service plan for the patient to begin the journey towards recovery.

Family Services

Both locations see the importance of family within the disease of addiction.  The patient is not the only one experiencing the issues and problems of addiction – the entire family is in need of assistance.  This is why we encourage families to participate in our Family Program at either location.  Families are an integral part of the recovery process for patients and healing for everyone involved is vital.  Family services are included in our program offerings.

Personal Treatment Planning Sessions

Each patient is different and those differences are embraced at Olalla Recovery Centers.  We tailor treatment planning to meet each patient at their stage of readiness for recovery.  Patients will meet with their primary counselor to identify the issues that brought them into treatment and develop a successful plan for on-going recovery once they have completed the treatment process.   Each patient will have assignments to work on to help them better understand their own addiction and identify plans to help them maintain sobriety upon leaving the treatment setting.

Adolescent Treatment Services

Gig Harbor Counseling proudly offers treatment services to the youth in our community.  We will offer comprehensive assessments for substance abuse/dependence.  In addition, we will offer evidence-based treatment programs to those adolescents needing education and/or intensive treatment programs.  As families are an integral part of the treatment program, staff will meet with families, provide options, education and direction in helping their child succeed.

Adolescent Treatment Details


The following is a brief description of the treatment phases offered at Gig Harbor Counseling:


Phase I: The Beginning

  • Intensive Outpatient Program - Intensive treatment focus to help patients begin their life of recovery from addictions, including alcohol and drug education classes, group sessions and individual counseling sessions. With peer support, patients in this phase complete a series of assignments and group processes addressing their addiction and relapse warning signs.

  • Structured Outpatient – A combination of intensive treatment coupled with aftercare/relapse focus groups. This phase is designed for patients who need more structure and focus to strengthen their recovery. This is achieved through intentional assignments and peer support.

Phase II: Stabilization and Relapse Identification

  • Relapse Prevention – This program is for those individuals who relapse while involved in a treatment process and/or for patients needing additional skills to identify relapse warning signs.  It includes education, group therapy, and individual counseling.  Patients also complete a comprehensive workbook dealing with Relapse Prevention and work with peers to develop a lifelong relapse prevention plan.  Relapse Prevention is part of our aftercare planning for patients completing the Intensive Outpatient Program.

  • Group Counseling – Focus of groups are in-depth discussion and personal interpretation of recovery principals.  Includes some lectures focused on relapse prevention and assignments directly related to recovery and peer support/feedback.


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