Coping with holiday pressures
in the middle of a pandemic

Coping with holiday pressures
in the middle of a pandemic

Celebrate the holidays with love, resolve.

Christmas and other winter holidays will look different this year. The loneliness and stress many people experience during a regular holiday season will likely be magnified.

To get through the holidays, go back to basics. Think about the true meaning of the season — and don’t worry about the rest.

Our culture inspires a race toward more during this time of the year — more gifts, more gatherings, more consumerism. Instead, refocus your energy on expressing love for your family and friends in other meaningful ways.

Why not start new traditions this year? Some ideas to get you inspired:

The best way to get through the holidays is to make it as uncomplicated as possible. There’s plenty to be overwhelmed about already — don’t add the holiday season to that list.

  • Gather virtually and share a meal while you chat on video. This means loved ones across the country and even across the world can be part of the festivities. Buy matching PJs, share photo collages, make an ornament together, swap pie recipes — the possibilities are endless.
  • Bake together while apart. High school home-ec teachers are instructing students via Zoom and watching each student cook or bake at home— why not adapt their idea? Plan the recipe ahead of time so you have the ingredients on hand, schedule a videoconference, bring your phone or another mobile device into the kitchen, and you’ve got a socially distanced baking party. Don’t forget the tasting at the end.
  • Fill a gratitude jar every day until your family virtual gathering, and then share your writings with each other.

Wishing you joy and love!


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