Learning from your own resilience

Learning from your own resilience

You’re stronger than you think. Use the power of your resilience.

In recovery, you know the importance of building resilience. It’s what helps you adapt to and overcome major sources of stress, such as adversity, tragedy and trauma. Through this process, your body, mind and spirit become stronger, helping you to bounce back.

COVID-19 has tested our resilience in ways many of us never expected. There’s still likely a long road ahead to more normal times, but in the meantime, you can use this experience to build your resilience further.

What you’ve been witnessing over the last few months wasn’t just an incredible moment in history. You’ve also witnessed your own growth and resolve.

Resilience is like a muscle, and building resilience is a lifelong process. No matter how well you learn to cope and overcome adversity, you’re constantly adjusting your approach and fine-tuning your tools.

Use the pandemic to learn from it — how you coped, what worked well, what you need to work on. And keep exercising the resilience muscle. That’s the only way forward.