Maintaining a strong support system

Maintaining a strong support system

Recovery takes a village — don’t take your journey alone

Choosing to stay healthy and strong in recovery is a daily decision that requires a strong support network. Staying connected is tough — but tremendously important.

If you’re struggling to stay in touch with those who are instrumental to your recovery journey, make a plan. Write down in your schedule when you’ll check in with a friend, peer recovery coach, support group and so on — and make sure you follow through.

  • Call a family member or close friend every day to check in. Using FaceTime, Zoom or another video app is even better — eye contact makes you feel more connected.
  • Are you comfortable gathering in a small group? Find out if your 12-step support group or group counseling program has resumed meetings.
  • Not ready for in-person meetings? Take advantage of online resources to find a virtual meeting. Or organize your own by inviting a few peers you’re comfortable with.

Struggling to stay focused or feeling like you’re losing ground? Talk to a professional. Staying on track is hard even in the best of times. Don’t do it alone.


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