Maintaining mental balance in an unbalanced world

Maintaining mental balance in an unbalanced world

The world is unsteady. You don’t have to be.

It’s hard to escape bad news these days. How can you maintain a steady course in your personal life when everything around you seems to fall apart?

Use restorative and comforting, healthy activities to balance out the negativity happening in the world. Whether that’s taking a bubble bath, stepping outside for fresh air or calling a friend, find ways to immerse yourself in experiences that help you refocus your thoughts.

Things you can do:

  • Find an inspirational book. Your spiritual Holy Bible, the biography of your role model or just an uplifting novel — fill your mind, heart and soul with positive reading.
  • Listen to inspirational music. Everyone needs anthems — whether that’s rock, country or blues. Create a list of songs that make you feel good (and dance your heart out to feel even better).
  • Practice good self-care: Take a walk to clear your mind. Nourish your body with healthy food. Physical wellness is another pillar to your mental balance.

Find ways to rejuvenate daily. And don’t be afraid to try new ideas.


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