Nourishing your soul with meditation

Nourishing your soul with meditation

Simple, fast — and free — way to reduce tension

Calming your mind during a crisis can help you find peace and balance. But how do you get there when your emotions are in a whirlwind?

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors used mediation to get deeper understanding of life’s mystical, sacred sources. These days, you can follow their techniques to relax and bring order to your mind — and your life.

Yoga, qi gong and tai chi include a mediation component but you don’t need to make it that complicated. All you need is a quiet setting (at least at first), an open attitude, basic instructions and a few uninterrupted minutes. You can meditate while sitting, walking, lying down or even washing dishes.

Try guided mediation using free online sources or a meditation app. Or try simple ways of practicing on your own through deep breathing, repeating a mantra or engaging in prayer.

Tranquility can be scarce these days. Set a few minutes aside to focus on the moment and clear your mind.


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