Using windows of time to unplug and disconnect

Using windows of time to unplug and disconnect

Take a respite from the worries of the world.

Natural disasters. Political uncertainty. A global pandemic. There’s a lot going on in the world. The constant barrage of negative and emotional news does nothing but create more anxiety, even panic.

Make a conscientious effort to disconnect from the outside world every day.

Try this:

  • Set aside several windows of time throughout the day away from distractions. Spend that time meditating, exercising, writing in your journal or simply relaxing.
  • Take a day off from the news and social media. Focus on your own world. Decline to engage in conversations with others about current events.
  • Use that time to do something you enjoy. Read a book, talk to a friend, take a longer walk, cook an elaborate meal.

Staying constantly plugged in and connected doesn’t leave much space for quieting your mind and recentering. In the morning, energize your mind before facing the day. In the evening, find calm before going to bed.


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