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Alcohol / Drug Inventory

Take this quiz yourself or give this to a friend if you're concerned about:

This list of questions can help you decide whether you are addicted to alcohol or drugs or have the potential for addiction.  There are no right answers only honest answers.

  • 01 Has spending money on alcohol and/or drugs kept you from buying necessities, such as food or clothing, or from paying the rent or mortgage?
  • 02 Have you ever borrowed money to buy alcohol/drugs?
  • 03 Have you ever missed a day of work because of drinking/using?
  • 04 Have you ever used alcohol/drugs to help get through the day while at work?
  • 05 Have you ever driven a car while under the influence of alcohol/drugs?
  • 06Do you lie about your alcohol/drug use, even to your close friends?
  • 07Do you use alcohol/drugs to feel good, self-confident, overcome shyness, or to forget your problems?
  • 08Have you ever tried to cut down your drinking or drug use?
  • 09Do you ever feel guilty about drinking/using; has anyone ever asked you to stop?
  • 10Do you have trouble waking up or feel as if you have a hangover the morning after you drink/use?
  • 11Do you suspect that your use of alcohol/drugs has increased over the past few months?
  • 12Have you ever had thoughts about suicide since you began drinking/using?
  • 13Have you ever not remembered something that happened from a time of drinking/using?


If you find yourself silently answering yes to more than two questions, you may be addicted or on your way to addiction.

Call for HELP Now: 1-800-882-6201, staff are ready to help you with your addiction.

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