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Mental Health First Aid | The New CPR

Did you know that you can take a first aid class focused solely on mental health? Meet, Mental Health First Aid – the new CPR.

In these times of social isolation, mental soundness is more critical than ever, but many individuals find it difficult to cope. That’s where Mental Health First Aid steps in.


The leaves outside glow and radiate colors of gold, orange, and red. The crisp air greets me as I start my day. And the fog softens the noise and enhances the beauty of nature all around me. These can only mean one thing; Fall is finally here.

Celebrations, spending time with friends and family – is what this season is all about. And wanting to make up for lost time and celebrate being together again can allow temptations to creep back in. At Olalla Recovery Center, we are here to help you succeed in your sobriety journey. So we have curated eight key strategies that will support you in your recovery, all while still enjoying the season.