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Relationships of all kinds are an important part of our life, especially when building a successful recovery. Codependency is something that is often found in relationships, some of which can work positively for our mental health and recovery, but frequently can create a situation that can be destructive and make our recovery journey even more challenging. 

Codependency is a term used to explain unbalanced relationships where one person enables another person’s self-destructive behavior such as addiction, poor mental health, and irresponsibility. 

It can be hard to identify, and admit, when relationships in your life are codependent, especially when you really care about the relationship.

How can you identify codependency? 

Here are just a few of the most common behaviors seen in codependent relationships: 

Keeping Secrets: Are your loved ones keeping secrets about you, or are you keeping secrets for someone else? Consider what would be best for them, sometimes we have to share those things and reach out for help. 

Lack of Boundaries: Do you feel like someone important to you doesn’t recognize personal boundaries? This can result in a controlling or manipulative relationship. 

Making Excuses: Are you making excuses for your partner or loved one’s behaviors? Is it negatively impacting your overall well being? 

Self-Image: Do you feel that you have your own self-image? Having your own hobbies and goals in life are important to maintaining your purpose in life and finding success in your recovery. 

These factors and many more all add an intense amount of stress on your relationships, which is something we hope to avoid in recovery. Working through your recovery to feel confident on your own will help you to avoid codependent relationships going forward. Knowing that you are there for yourself no matter what will help to create the necessary healthy boundaries in the future. This will also help your partner or loved ones to be able to identify where they may have enabled in the past, and where they can improve to honestly help you with your recovery.

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Staying Sober Strategies This Holiday Season

The leaves outside glow and radiate colors of gold, orange, and red. The crisp air greets me as I start my day. And the fog softens the noise and enhances the beauty of nature all around me. These can only mean one thing; Fall is finally here.

Celebrations, spending time with friends and family – is what this season is all about. And wanting to make up for lost time and celebrate being together again can allow temptations to creep back in. At Olalla Recovery Center, we are here to help you succeed in your sobriety journey. So we have curated eight key strategies that will support you in your recovery, all while still enjoying the season.

1. Make a plan

Bring a sober friend with you to the party. Build your community by helping each other out and sharing experiences. If someone offers you a drink or asks about your abstinence, have a friendly response ready.

2. Know Your Triggers 

Know what sets you off and avoid it. It is better to make a polite excuse than to lose all the ground you have worked so hard to gain. 


3. Make Wiser Choices 

Focus on the gatherings that are the most important to you. You do not need to avoid all celebrations, but you can decide which ones work best for you and your recovery. 


4. Just Say No

Sometimes it is best to avoid temptation entirely. You always have a choice. And it is okay to decline an invitation to reduce the risk of relapse. 

5. Drive Yourself  

If you need to get away from a situation that challenges your sobriety, bring your own transportation. And if you do not have means of transportation, make sure to have a backup plan. Call in an Uber or a Lift.


Help to avoid temptations by bringing your own drink to the party. Feeling at ease and having a good time, all while staying sober, is the goal. Remember, you are in control of the controllable. You’ve got this!


7. Host A Party

Bring the party to you! Invite your clean and sober friends over for a potluck, game night, or a fun theme of your choice. If you don’t have the space, ask friends or family if they would like to co-host a party at their place with you. This offers a fun and collaborative option to host a party together.

8. Stay Connected 

After so many months of isolation, we all want to be together again. Plan activities with your family and close non-drinking friends. Create new and healthy habits to replace your old ones. Take a cooking class or join an exercise or art group. Make it fun and stay connected to those who mean a lot to you.

Celebrate your sobriety, the end of COVID isolation, your supportive family and friends, and reaffirm your commitment to being clean and sober. By staying positive and focused on your goals, you can foster a healthy environment, all while staying true to your recovery.

Get Help Now
Remember that this is your life journey. You can do this. And if you ever need help, Olalla Recovery Center is here for you.

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Enjoy the season, and we hope these tips find you well.