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Gig Harbor Counseling

Outpatient Center

Outpatient Counseling - Adults & Youth

Gig Harbor Counseling, the outpatient program provides confidential, thorough comprehensive assessments to evaluate an individual’s progression with addiction. High quality treatment services are conducted in a small, private, family oriented setting.  Here we provide intensive outpatient counseling, relapse prevention, substance abuse, education groups, aftercare groups, etc.  We tailor treatment programs to address a variety of issues related to family dynamics, meet any legal or employer issues, including DUI/DOL requirements, divorce, child custody, school or educational issues for Washington State as well as other jurisdictions. The outpatient program also offers urinalysis drug testing programs. We treat adults as well as youth over the age of 13. All services are specialized for the patient and their particular needs.  Gig Harbor Counseling also offers family services to our patients to help address any specific issues within the family dynamic.  

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Inpatient Program

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