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Serving Seattle, WA. Area Since 1969

Since 1969, we have been committed to effectively treating all aspects of drug and alcohol addictions, including the needs of special populations.  Through skilled inpatient and outpatient care and services, we provide the means to achieve and maintain total abstinence.  Patients are respected, their confidentiality is observed, and understanding extended to them during this difficult time.  Olalla Recovery Centers has been helping individuals begin a path of rehab and recovery from drug and alcohol addictions at our two alcohol and drug rehabilitation, recovery treatment centers.  We offer a residential drug and alcohol treatment program in Olalla and an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program in Gig Harbor.  A primary focus is to treat each patient with respect and dignity.  We recognize each person as a unique individual with unique circumstances.

Located in Gig Harbor and Olalla (Greater Seattle, Tacoma areas)

Both locations are certified by Washington State and Nationally Accredited by CARF, the Rehabilitation Commission, which ensures our drug and alcohol treatment programs have met national levels of quality and continual improvement and enhancement of the services offered. Our clinical team is highly skilled and licensed with the State of Washington’s Department of Health.

Families, Employers & Legal Issues

At both of our locations we tailor treatment programs and services to meet needs related to legal, family or employer issues. Intervention counseling is offered for families who are concerned about someone's alcohol or drug use. Family Services are offered at both locations.

Olalla Guest Lodge - Inpatient Residential Treatment Center

Located in a serene, wooded setting, Olalla Guest Lodge, our residential treatment center, offers a holistic approach to treatment and recovery. The center uses an intense yet multi-disciplinary approach to alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

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Specialized Care & Services

  • Suboxone® Both the inpatient and outpatient programs accept patients on the opiate substitution
    protocol, Suboxone®. We work with area medical providers as well as detoxification facilities to help stabilize patients prior to and after receiving services.
  • Intervention We also offer intervention counseling for families who are concerned about someone's alcohol/drug use and need assistance.
  • Urinalysis The outpatient program offers urinalysis testing for employers and other supervision programs as well.
  • Gender Specific At both locations, we recognize the unique issues presented by men and women in recovery and thus, we offer unique and separate process groups and treatment planning for both men and women.
  • Insurance Olalla Recovery Centers is a participating provider with many insurance companies, and we also offer in-house financing.
  • Adolescent Treatment  Offered at our Gig Harbor location for youth over the age of 13. Adult addiction treatment services are also offered for those over age 18.

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