Connecting with others through prayer

Connecting with others through prayer

Uplift each other — and the world — through prayer.

When bad things happen, maintaining faith is not easy. But the Creator is listening — don’t give up on your prayers.

Prayer can help us stay connected not only with our higher power but also with others, strangers and loved ones alike. We may not be able to hold each other physically or offer prayers and encouragement in person, but we can still be united in the presence of our Creator.

Praying in private can be just as meaningful as doing so with your faith community. Or extend an invitation to a friend or two to pray together, on a phone or video call.

Pray for yourself, for those you love, for essential workers on the frontlines who are helping you when you get sick or need groceries. For those who are struggling with fear and uncertainty or are feeling disconnected. For the whole of humanity.

Lift up others in prayers — and soon you’ll feel embraced and connected with others and the Creator by love.


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