Feeling good by doing good (to others)

Feeling good by doing good (to others)

Uplift (yourself and others) with random acts of kindness.

Even in the worst of times, finding the bright spots can help restore your faith in yourself and the world around you. Compassion and kindness are the best healers.

Doing something good for others is uplifting both for the giver and the recipient. But the best part? Even something that seems small and insignificant for you can make someone else’s day.

Try these simple things to bring a little ray of sunshine, whether to a stranger or someone you know:

  • Tip extra generously next time you’re dining out, ordering delivery, getting a haircut or taking a ride-share trip.
  • Have groceries delivered to an elderly neighbor or offer to pick up necessities when you’re shopping.
  • Start a fundraiser for your local food bank or another nonprofit you support.
  • At the coffeeshop, pay for the next person’s order.
  • Send a greeting card to someone in an assisted living home.
  • Offer to babysit for a couple you know so they can have a date.

Being kind is easy. And the results may surprise you.


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