Go back to basics for your pandemic workouts

Go back to basics for your pandemic workouts

3 simple tips for physical fitness at home

Maintaining a fitness routine during the pandemic is a struggle if you’re used to running to the gym or the yoga studio. But like everything else in quarantine, all it takes is a little creative thinking to keep the momentum going.

Simple things you can do when you can’t hit the gym:

  • Hit the trails instead. Brisk walking or running are excellent for your fitness and if you have a park nearby, being in nature and fresh air is a bonus.
  • No weights or equipment? No problem. Use common household items — like laundry or milk jugs — to add weight and resistance.
  • Get “Zooming.” Many gyms and workout studios are offering classes via video conference, including free sessions. And of course, there’s always YouTube for following along.

And if you run out of ideas, think of simple ways to get the heart pumping, like deep cleaning and weeding. Then you can check some chores off your list too.

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