Need some mental “space”? Here’s the secret

Need some mental “space”? Here’s the secret

Clearing your mind by keeping your hands busy

The whirlwind of strong emotions induced by the pandemic can knock anyone off balance. But how can you quiet your mind, at least for a little while? One simple way to clear the mind clutter is by keeping your hands busy with rhythmic, repetitive or creative activities.

Tactile activities like painting and knitting can feel therapeutic and even meditative. That’s because, neuroscientists say, “busy hands” alter brain chemistry the same way some medication does.

Even cleaning can help you relax and create a mental “space”. Not to mention it gives you back a sense of control and a tidier living space — plus, reduced clutter itself boosts mental health.

Cleaning or knitting not your thing? Tinker with a DIY project. Color in an adult coloring book. Put together a puzzle. The results don’t matter. Just enjoy the moment.

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