How Can You Identify Codependency?

How Can You Identify Codependency?

Relationships of all kinds are an important part of our life, especially when building a successful recovery. Codependency is something that is often found in relationships, some of which can work positively for our mental health and recovery, but frequently can create a situation that can be destructive and make our recovery journey even more challenging. 

Codependency is a term used to explain unbalanced relationships where one person enables another person’s self-destructive behavior such as addiction, poor mental health, and irresponsibility. 

It can be hard to identify, and admit, when relationships in your life are codependent, especially when you really care about the relationship.

How can you identify codependency? 

Here are just a few of the most common behaviors seen in codependent relationships: 

Keeping Secrets: Are your loved ones keeping secrets about you, or are you keeping secrets for someone else? Consider what would be best for them, sometimes we have to share those things and reach out for help. 

Lack of Boundaries: Do you feel like someone important to you doesn’t recognize personal boundaries? This can result in a controlling or manipulative relationship. 

Making Excuses: Are you making excuses for your partner or loved one’s behaviors? Is it negatively impacting your overall well being? 

Self-Image: Do you feel that you have your own self-image? Having your own hobbies and goals in life are important to maintaining your purpose in life and finding success in your recovery. 

These factors and many more all add an intense amount of stress on your relationships, which is something we hope to avoid in recovery. Working through your recovery to feel confident on your own will help you to avoid codependent relationships going forward. Knowing that you are there for yourself no matter what will help to create the necessary healthy boundaries in the future. This will also help your partner or loved ones to be able to identify where they may have enabled in the past, and where they can improve to honestly help you with your recovery.

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